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About The Tutors at Academic Connections Northern Virginia Tutor And Tutoring Services

Academic Connections is the comprehensive tutoring service in the Virginia area. Our tutors specialize in education for all ages, all learning abilities and all subjects. No one individual could possibly meet the diverse needs of each individual student, which is why our team of tutors is as diverse as our students. Our pre screened applicants are respected, knowledgeable individuals in their chosen field of expertise. If your student has a need, we have a qualified tutor to guide them to the finish line.

Founder Profiles

Megan Duret, M.Ed: Ms. Duret has a BA in Education, a BA in Corporate Communications with a minor in Business, and a Masters in Special Education. She has studied abroad in France and England, and is fluent in French. With more than 12 years of experience in teaching, she has devoted much of that time to special education. She has spent a significant amount of time tutoring students of all ages in the following areas: French, English, study skills and SOL preparation (primary English, US and World History, Geography and French). She also has a soft spot for disadvantaged youth, and so has spent time as a mentor, doing her best to make a positive impact upon their lives. Her insatiable passion for teaching, and training young minds for lifelong success, led her to start Academic Connections.

Shirley J. Grimmett, MEd.: Mrs. Grimmett has been involved with special education for more than 34 years. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and teaching children with mental retardation, Masters degrees in teaching children with Learning Disabilities and with Emotional Disturbance. She has additional training in evaluation, social work, administration and supervision. She has served as a teacher at the Elementary, Middle, and High school levels, as an educational evaluator, socio-cultural evaluator, transition teacher, and independent living skills specialist. Mrs. Grimmett has experience teaching and evaluating special education students from preschool through age 22. As a transition teacher, Mrs. Grimmett has helped students prepare for SAT’s and other standardized tests, apply for college, complete interest inventories, choose careers, and has provided job coaching.

About Our Tutors

  • Many of our tutors hold Masters degrees, so you can rest-assured that our students are being guided by the some of the most highly educated individuals in their field.
  • Many of our tutors are certified and licensed teachers.
  • All of our tutors go through a rigorous screening process that ensures not only our students’ educational well-being, but also their safety
  • Our tutors share our enthusiasm for teaching. At Academic Connections, we believe that tutoring is not just a job – it’s a passion! We expect that passion to be reflected in results for our students.

Tutoring is not a one size fits all solution. Each student responds best to different methods. Academic Connections is not a tutoring factory, but a team of caring professionals that work hand in hand with the student, the parent, teachers and administrators. Each Northern Virginia Tutor And Tutoring Services is a team member, working together to reach the goal of bridging the gap to the student’s education. Our Tutors each bring a valuable asset to Academic Connections, ensuring that there is the right solution for your student.